A new lake…. 17/05/11

Fans of the Stagg (team),
I trust you are all well. This blog will detail another Tuesday night training sesh – with only three of us – Myself, Carmel and Angie on her 2011 debut…eager to get on her bike and not meet any humpback bridges (i took her to a bridge almost immediately – ain’t i a stinker!). It is also the first appearance of Tongwell Lake – the next ‘official’ MK lake along with Willen, Furzton and Caldecotte (IMO).
A poor turnout indeed but a bunch of regulars were off Go Karting which is apparently more important than training….ah well – on with the blog… 

Another Stagg photo...

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Cycling on campus! – 10/05/11

Hello! Tonight’s ride was pretty cool as we went to pastures new and there were five of us! A new record for 2011….the down side was getting stuck in the Open bloody University grounds…..

Some part of the OU

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The Return to Silverstone – 29/04/11


This cycle was the return to the Silverstone route that i never got to do last year (and was only done once properly as the second time had to be cut short)….it is also the first appearance this year of Dave – welcome back Mr Warwick….

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Bumpy Death Path – 26/04/11

Howdy fans….

Tonight’s ride was just me and Matt – partly because EVERYONE seemed to take this week off as holiday (between Easter and the stupid Royal wedding) and also because people are rubbish !!!!

Bumpy Death Path

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The Athlete Returns – 19/04/11

Not much can be said about this training session. The Stagg was absent probably either at a spin class or eating chips! However it was a welcome return for the 1st time in 2011 of Dale, Tracey and Colin..

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The Dangers of Running – 17/04/11

Howdy readers,

A very quick blog just to advise all you potential long distance runners that Vaseline is your friend…..

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2011 Training begins…. 12/04/11


Although not a great deal of people were out – 2011′s bike training has officially begun!

Myself, Matt and Carmel were out along with new member Jim Wingfield – and he was very much the star of the show :-)

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The return of random people with bikes outside the office type pictures!

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Edinburgh Half Marathon Saga – 07/04/11 to 11/04/11

Hey Blog fans…

I wrote this partly in Scotland and then finished afterwards – It needs to be trimmed and is rubbish and full of typos but i cannot bring myself to go through it anymore… I might update it but i just want it out there and done.


Oh yeah and it is insanely long…….but there are pictures…

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Blog is coming soon…..

Hey readers,

The blog will be up by end of the weekend with the Edinburgh Half and the somewhat half hearted start to bike training….apologies for the delay but ‘New Stagg’ is a busy man…..

In the meanttime – here is a flyer for a forthcoming event :0)


Back soon..


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Where is Stagg?

As Paul still hasn’t updated the blog in 2011 – maybe it’s time Team Stagg followers were kept up to date with the world of Stagg.

Since our last update he’s been very busy and been feeling awesome..much of which he has tried unsuccessfully to keep secret….

Feel free to add your own comments to where the Stagg has been…

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