Rene Scholtz

The story of how I became a member of Team Stagg begins in the wide open plains of Africa. As a young boy, I would spend most days running barefoot throught the savannah, doing what I loved most - exploring the lay of the land.  Little did I know that a day would arrive that would change my life forever…

I remember that day clearly, it was my 6th birthday. Amongst the traditional gifts of loin cloths, spears and rock painting kits received from my extended family , my parents had traded several of their zebra with the local missionary station for what was to be the greatest gift of all….. my first bike!

I could now cover greater distances than ever before, explore far flung parts of the land I could have never dreamed of and move faster than I could ever imagine. I would leave cheetahs in my dust racing across the arid land. I was invincible… or so I thought.

For many years my bike and I were inseperable, climbing through the ranks of the professional cycling tour in my village. We were unbeatable, dominating the sport for many seasons until one fateful night where I suffered an unexpected hop-scotch injury.

The news was bad. My witch-doctor said I would never ride a bike again. It destroyed me. A few years passed before I got to terms with the news, and stopped dreaming about how it used to be. Eventually I decided it wouldn’t hold me back anymore, but I couldn’t live where I shared so many memories with the best friend I ever had. I needed a fresh start.

It has been several years since I left and the memories of my first bike are still as clear as ever. The pain of leaving it behind will never fade I guess. Fortunately for me, advances in medical technology have enabled me to cycle once again, albeit not to the same standard as I once used to on the village tour, but at least I can enjoy it once again. This is why I have joined Team Stagg on the Palace to Palace, not only to help raise funds for charity, but to remember a simpler time, when it was just me and my bike.

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