Day 2. Part 2.

Day 2. Part 2.

The guys were a little worse for wear at the restaurant but some mars bars sorted them out-they didn’t stay too long as the final push to Bruges was upon us…there was a request for a repeat of last nights got drink combo but after a quick refuelling they were back in the final part of day 2…

I got to Bruges without incident and found the underground car park that was a short walk from the hotel on the main square with the bell tower. I say car park but I mean sauna…the ceiling was low so with the bike rack on the boot it wouldn’t open fully and lead to me smacking myself in the face with it!!!! I had the guys proper shoes and my two bags and walked to the main square.

Bruges is awesone! I must go back properly one day :0)

I sat on a bench and chilled for a while and then went in search of the hot drinks….I found a haagen dazs takeaway and got the guys their drinks….as I was paying I saw then enter the square (thank god for the hi vis they were wearing-they could never sneak past me ) .. Is told David to call on arrival so on queue mk walking out of the coffee shop carting a bag of shoes and three hot drinks and my phone starts ringing loudly and I can’t answer it-I’m also now burning my thumb badly as the cups are hot and I have no tolerance not being a hot drink drinker…I ‘race’ across the cobbles as quickly as possible to meet them and unload the burning drinks….fortunately the fact my thumb was now partially blistered from the heat was counter acted by just how great today had been and to see the gang arrive safely :0)

We checked in- uh oh! Leroy and I had a room consisting of a double bed and a long bathroom…barely separated by a sliding door…this didn’t bode well for my snoring! But we’d sort that out after food and beer!

The hotel was also an Italian and we had large mugs of larger and some rather nice food … The food (apart from David’s) arrived in these very cool wonky bowls..not sure how else to describe them!

We discussed the day-mainly how flat Belgium was and how easy it was for cyclists with all the cycle paths…..and the fact that it didn’t rain all day … Day 2 was over…..

Roll on day three aka – the Belgian run!

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