Day 1. Part 1.

Morning readers!

Well let’s just say it’s a good job I’m not cycling as I didn’t get up! I told the guys id be at the office at 5:15…I woke at 7:00 :( . They left all the gear and set off without me!!

The gang (minus Stagg) ready to leave

I raced to the office and packed the car-badly I might add-knowing that Leroy would be disgusted with my packing….

Then I was ready!

2 hours later...

I race down the A5 trying to work out where I’d meet them-surely they would have got to St Albans yet? Convinced I’d missed them I eventually drive past three soggy but familiar cyclists and stopped at a roundabout up ahead…I’d finally caught up :0)

Now I’ll probably keep going on about my dublin cycle as a conparison so apologies up front but it’sy only frame of reference-my point is that when Leroy and I cycled to Dublin we had no rain-in fact on the return trip we got very badly burned!! Now these guys are cold and wet and only a quarter through day 1 – I feel their pain and I’m glad I’m the support car right now…

There was only little ridicule for my not getting up and the guys used the time to grab some tea cakes and raisins…. Although Letoy also took this opportunity to repack the car…his Packing OCD being too powerful to overcome :)

David is all proud at his miraculous idea he had yesterday – to keep the map/route and some haribo in an empty water bottle.,,well done David :0)

Tony looks glad to have found the car most of all and pits on warmer clothes- or rather drier ones.,,his waterproof doesn’t seem to be living up to its name!

I'm sure they are happier than they look

So off they go again….we agree to meet in south London just after they cross the river….which is where I am now…I had to go through the black wall tunnel which was bad as I’m convinced I will get stuck in a tunnel and have a minor irrational fear…but at least I’m in a warm car…

I’ve wandered around woolwich.,,bought the guys some weird gloves and a hi vid as Carmel suggested it (good call Carmel! Always looking after us;) ) and now I’m waiting in the pub I’ve told them to meet me at…

I hope they are ok….! Oh they missed this too- nom nom!

There is supposed to be a pic of my brekkie but it won’t load :(

Oh well

About half way if day one…well I am-they won’t be far behind though!

Laters peeps

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