Bonn – August 3rd 2014

So the blog is hopefully on its way back….partly because i am finally back on my bike (although now the heaviest I’ve ever been) and partly because there is a Team Stagg cycle to Bonn happening very soon – alas the Stagg himself is not gonna be on pedal power - I am gonna be the support car…

After 4 years since we were training for the Palace to Palace I have managed to get to 24 stone :( This is bad. But i have got a road bike now and have been going out a few times with Leroy and on my own.

Leroy, David and our uber Boss Tony Chapman are the guys cycling to Bonn, where our Head office is….I know Tony had been out practicing and the lads have been doing the good old Silverstone loop with some longer rides coming….

I am also trying to start bike club up again so that the old team and some new people can get back on the bikes…

For me the ultimate goal is to lose the weight again, keep on the blog with the actual Bonn cycle and then get in the palace to palace again next year which is the tenth anniversary of the event and the 5th anniversary since we did it – seems perfect…i also plan to do it under three hours this time!!

Well I’ll hopefully be back out on the bike in the week but I’m feeling pretty rough with a messed up throat and head but gotta cycle so see what happens.

Welcome back to the blog readers!

Stagg out…

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