A new route…. 31/05/11


This entry is the latest team cycle on a Tuesday and took us to pastures new in an effort to avoid willen and the bloody millennium route…was a good ride with about six of us…. Read on!!!!

Most of the group - Matt and Liz are missing...

I’ve just realised that the caption on the main photo implies Matt and Liz are missing together – this is not the intent – they are just both not in the picture but came on the cycle….

We did the normal wait around for everyone and pump up the odd tyre and me and Matt vaguely decided we would go a new route that would go up the evil west part of the city and then back down toward stony and then kind of back via new bradwell….basically see how it goes but this was the intent.

Tonight’s group were myself and Matt and then Liz, Tracey, Carmel and Angie – and i believe this is the first cycling entry for Liz this year and also the return therefore of her unusual rolled up trouser leg thing! Huzzah!

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