Weasel Challenge!!!! – 29/05/11

Welcome blog fans to a special edition of TeamStagg – The Weasel challenge!

This was a secret cycle ride with me and Matt and will now be revealed!  Not that anyone will even remotely care and will think we are sad….. But C’est la vie!

What does it mean?!?!?

Somehow we discovered that for the millennium, one thousand markers were placed throughout the country on national cycle networks and each marker had some sort of code on it – if you found enough markers (generally 6 in any given ‘area’ and then sent off for some thing you could crack this code and win some sort of medal  …..now as this is 11 years old it seemed a bit unlikely that we would be able to do it but we wanted to find these damn things anyway and we recalled seeing some already.

With some research, existing knowledge and pure luck we managed to locate the 6 in MK and set off to find them…

We knew of two on the millennium route (one on the railway walk, one at the teardrop lakes), we knew of a third on furzton lake and a fourth just in bletchley at the start of Weasel Lane (hence the name of the blog) and we new of  fifth a few miles down weasel lane…..  we also knew that we would have to take rubbings of the things with the code on the posts so we established a route – the order as per above – got our pencils and paper (and some Haribo) and started off.

I should point out now that we have not done anything with our findings since this day and so this is all build up and no result – will get on it one day when less busy…

Post Number 1

I decided i knew a good route to get to the railway walk without doing the whole first section of the millennium route – which worked reasonably well but was a bit out of the way….it did mean going past Ho Ho fish and chips though – mmmmmm Ho Ho chips…..and we got there and photo’d the post and took our rubbing(I did all the rubbing as Matt was invariably tired and in need of a rest each time we stopped – it did mean i looked like a lunatic - but then no real change there)…

Post number 1 - Railway walk

Secret code rub-y thing No. 1

Matt and rubbingNo.1 - these captions are highly exciting!

Post Number 2

I cannot really recall the journey to post number two – we must have ended up back at the city and then headed to the station and on to the teardrop lakes – Matt informs me we went through Stantonbury and ended up at top end of city by John Lewis- we had cycled past post number two every time we did the millennium cycle last year and now we understood it’s mysterious ways !!!!

Once found we followed the now established routine – i snapped a pic, rubbed the code thing, snapped a pic of that and Matt ate sweets and recovered -= this will get boring pretty quick i agree but slightly more interesting things happen later on – trust me…

Post number 2 - Teardrop lakes

Secret code thing No. 2

Post Number 3

Knowing that the third post on our list was at Furzton lake meant we only had a short ride until the next stop (Matt was pleased at this) and off we set again – i was concerned that the lake would be busy and therefore have to deal with the public who may laugh and point at me as i took a rubbing of a random post …. and it was quite busy but i took one for the team and just looked like a maniac!

Post number three - Furzton Lake


Secret code thing No. 3

whilst loitering at post three (which was windy and tricky to rub) we decided to check out the weird sun statue thing – not sure what it is – Matt seemed to know something but i don’t recall – Matt?  comment appropriately please! – after we loitered by it and took some snaps we headed for post number 4…

Weird statue thing...

View form statue thing (Look! Post No. 3!)

Stagg and the weird statue thing...

Post Number 4 

Post four was at the entrance to Weasel lane in our plan and do we decided to head there but following the cycle route on the off chance there was a secret post somewhere…

On our route we got to emersonvalley (which has a park of which i knew nothing) and we had a rest for some reason – matt needed one or he had a phone call or something…

Matt possibly on the phone at Emerson valley....

Stagg photo at Emerson Valley...

Before we set off again i asked Matt to take a proper photo of my new tatto that was only two days old so here it is….Completely unrelated to cycling but there ya go…

Pac Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was also around now that i randomly texted Scotty about his moon fetish….Please contact him directly if you wish to learn more…

And then we set of for Weasel Lane…

Just outside Emerson and into Tattenhoe we came across the real post number four – the one we knew nothing about – we could barely contain our excitement!!!! (Sarcasm there as we aren’t THAT sad…) and so we got on with all the photo-ingand rubbing etc etc….

Secret code thing No.4 (ooh shiny!)

IN my excitement i clearly forgot to photo the actual post – this makes me sad :0(

So – with the extra post found we were on for all 6 – huzzah – on to Weasel Lane!

Post Number 5

We had been to Weasel Lane before on the bumpy death path ride (i possibly allude to this weasel challenge in that blog entry….hmmmm) so we got there without much fuss – especially as we just followed the cycle route….Nothing exciting happened really so guess ill just snap the pics – note that this post is colourful which does make it slightly more exciting i’m sure you’ll agree…

Post number 5.

The post was surrounded by stingers so getting the rubbing was ever so slightly dangerous…but i made it through….

Secret code thing number 5

Post Number 6

We knew that this post was down weasel lane a few miles but having never ventured down here we were not sure where it was exactly or what to expect….

The lane was weird – started off all overgrown and the like, became a proper road for a while – was gravelly as we went past WEasel Lodge (its real!) and then went bumpy death path esque before turning hilly again….

There was a strange house all alone near the beginning that didnt have any obvious means of access to it (it did ont he way back), weasel lodge which i need to know more abpout – will investiagte and urge you all to do the same(!), and then a couple of bad hills – Matt had to stop on one as he had overheated (he did have the bag of supplies so will let him off).

After what seemes forever we finally reached post number 6….

Evil stupid post number 6 that is!

THis post that has been found at the end of this stupid lane that goes on forever is nto a real one!  Sure it kind of looks like one na dis an official millennium post BUT it doesnt have the code thing!!! WE were not impressed and although i have taken a photo of the styupid thing – i dont acknowledge it’s exostence…

Stupid fake post thing number 6 - somewhere in the middle of nowhere

SO that became the end of our Weasel challenge!  We rode back to the entrance to the lane (which seemed INFINITELY quicker and then ended up going to the geek fair which was cool and on the second day Robert Patrick (randomly wandering around – i didn’t pay to talk to him) commented that he liked my Pac man tattoo!  Cool!

We took one final pic at the entrance to the lane…and now we just need to solve the code and see what happens!!!

Laters all…


Weasel challenge - over....for now

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