How to train your Dragons…24/05/11

Here we are with our first official Dragonboat entry in the blog – exciting times!

In case you don’t know – we are entering the MK dragonboat festival at Willen for the second year and for more info see the blog a few posts back (called ‘Blog is coming soon’) which has a link to the poster I made!

This is training one of two….

Loitering with paddles and bouyancy aids!

Although this is a dragonboat blog – it doesn’t mean we didn’t do some cycling!  Myself and Carmel decided we would get to the Marina (at Peartree Bridge) via our bikes and meet the others there – this would also serve to be green as about 9 cars were going for 10 people….tut tut….

The full team is 21 members but only 10 made it to traingin – they are as follows:

Greg Swannell – now an official team stagg member after he was unable to do the Edinburgh Half.

Matt Bedding – Well established as one of the core four of Team Stagg

Carmel Bauling – Same as Matt

Liz Turvey – Also known on here as part of last year’s P2P crew – and due to come out cycling with us again soon

Bin Qiao – Completely new to the blog and to Team Stagg – welcome Bin

Jim Wingfield – A 2011 recruit with his one cycle training and now this.

Dale Edwards – Another prior P2P and 2011 cyclist

Adrain Dale – Another new member!  Welcome Adrian.

Myself – Im sure we all know me…

Tracey Chalmers – Known for her few cycles and now dragonboating

June Abbott – Also another brand new team stagg member!

I should note that bar Bin and Adrian – All the team above did the dragonboating last year too….

Now that’s over with – On with the blog!

Myself and Carmel thought we would get to the marina from work quite easily as the route is essentially a straight line…..we set off and made good progress until we realised that we were in completely the wrong place and ended up in the hospital (not actually in say A&E but cycling through the car park) – we easily found our way back to the marina but it makes no sense how we got to the other side of the hospital and as such i believe we have discovered some sort of time warp/wormhole and as i have now blogged this for all to see – me and Carmel will hopefully get the right to name said time warp and possibly charge for people to use it…

Anywho – despite the meddling of time and space, we got there easily and waited for the rest of the team to arrive…


Matt appeared first – Matt is go crew captain with yours truly for the dragonboat team….

And then various others arrived….

June and Carmel

The team got into their BA’s (Buoyancy Aids!) and grabbed an oar as we waited for the final few team members and although i managed to capture it on camera – i have no recollection that Carmel and Liz squared up for battle….


Now im pretty sure they weren’t actually about to batter each other but perhaps they were just training their oar fighting and are secret ninjas…i will keep an eye on these two….and urge you all to do the same..

Some more pics!

BA Stagg!!!!

Greg and Bin appear!

Jim and Tracey

So we got kitted up, went through a safety briefing and got in the boat.

As we were an odd number we had a gap in the boat so I had Ali (i think that was her name) – a member of the Secklow squad (who were training us) and also a member of the GB squad – next to me in the boat – which was cool but clearly was just gonna make me look proper stupid…

We got in the boat without any trauma and had a session down the canal.

Training was quite good – Bin was a bit scared by the whole thing i reckon but carried on regardless – I became the official team splasher and managed to soak Dale – who was immediately in front of me – but also June (behind me) and most of the others in the boat to be honest – didn’t go down too well…

Also we established that i am super unifit re dragonboating as I was proper breathing heavy after any big rowing section as though i might pass out and die – good to know that all this running and spinning Ive been doing means nothing when it comes to rowing :-)

I got in trouble for leaning too far out of the boat, Jim got in trouble for not leaning far enough – Carmel smacked Matt on the elbow proper hard (he was still whinging the next day) – accidentally i believe…and we all got quite wet…

Slightly damp Liz and Dale


Post boating stagg - wrong...


It was good practice although i am concerned that it hurt me so much – killed my right knee…i was on the wrong side of the boat though ,letting the GB Squad girl take the left as this was her preferred side – ever the gentleman me :-)

But on race day i will have the left – Leroy will hopefully agree to this – but irrelevant – he is missing training so he doesn’t get a say…

We didn’t do an actual 200m sprint which was annoying and we didn’t get to do a start which was also a bit rubbish but hopefully the next training will be better and we will have a bigger squad.

All in all – good to be back in the boat – and hopefully next time i will splash less and be on the left…

Until next time….

Stagg (and his dragons!)

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