Bumpy Death Path – 26/04/11

Howdy fans….

Tonight’s ride was just me and Matt – partly because EVERYONE seemed to take this week off as holiday (between Easter and the stupid Royal wedding) and also because people are rubbish !!!!

Bumpy Death Path

Matt didn’t seem best pleased that it was just us (as i am super fast now) but he decided to bite the bullet and also decided he was gonna take me to the wrong part of Milton Keynes – ie the West side were all the weirdos live – like himself, Leroy and Carmel :)

We set off on the millennium route from the train station, past the teardrop lakes and hit furzton lake – then god knows where we were as Matt was leading the way through weird estates until we hit the titular part of the journey – The Bumpy Death path – this was some bridle way that was really just bumpy rough ground that ran through a forest behind the prison….i decided Matt had taken me here to kill me….good job i was fast and sped off to avoid such a fate….

At the end of the evil path I decided i was safe as MAtt hadn’t shown any major attempt to harm me and we continued on our way through more random places until we got to Bletchley…..and to the top of Weasel lane….

At this point Matt had to have a rest…..!!!!  A rest?  I don’t remember the last time i had a rest when cycling – this mad me slightly angry….he also had to drink some water?  What?  don’t even take water - big wimp….

OK so that is slightly unfair of me…..as last year i was the remedial and would have been dead by now – but sod it – i win… :-)

After the rest we headed back to CMK so i could get to the gym for spin class…

Matt decided to go a secret way and not tell me so i lost him for a little while but found him again without too much trauma…and that was it really….fair play to Matt as we didn’t do too bad and I didn’t go mad form being too slow….my heart rate monitor seemed to be angry at one point as it thought i was dead from lack of exercise but seemed to get over it by the end.

Cheers Matt for showing me the wronger parts of MK….maybe i’ll return one day – should i need to dispose of a body or something (probably Leroy’s! – [ he had to get a mention, not been in the last few blogs....])

That’s all for now folks…

Also – Sorry for the lack of pictures….

Stagg out.

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2 Responses to Bumpy Death Path – 26/04/11

  1. mattb says:

    Glad you took a great interest in the route we took at the start – we DID NOT set off on the millennium route from the train station, and DID NOT past the teardrop lakes and DID NOT hit furzton lake. Apart from that you got it pretty much spot on!!

    • Staggly says:

      Because I cycle all the time and cover vast miles around the city it all blurs into one….it is easy for you to remember as you have only been out like once…. :-)

      I apologise for my blatant lies and can only assume it was my fear of the west side that made me do it…

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