The Athlete Returns – 19/04/11

Not much can be said about this training session. The Stagg was absent probably either at a spin class or eating chips! However it was a welcome return for the 1st time in 2011 of Dale, Tracey and Colin..


As it was still early in Dales fitness regime today was a steady ride. Dale & I met Tracey & Colin at the pub on Willen and then followed a couple of laps – ignoring pagoda hill – mainly as we didn’t have Leroy (or this year’s Stagg) making us!!

3 laps in we called it a night and left Tracey to make our way back to the office. Not particularly keen on Campbell Park hills and being at the other end of the lake we tried a different way. Still we couldn’t avoid hills (though not as steep) and this caught Dale out as he was “in the wrong gear” as the ascent continued up to Xscape.

Still another session in and the weather is still good – especially when you look back at some of last years adventures!

We were unable to increase our ride group size – maybe next time we will be more than 4……

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  1. Staggly says:

    Stop avoiding Pagoda Hill…. it’s fun! You wanna try running up it….that sucks.

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